Does Magical Box run with Android and iOS?

Yes, just use mobile shaders for your layers.

The editor is laggy/running slow when the Magical Box editor window is open

The editor window sometimes renders a lot of gui controls, so depending on your machine's speed things may become laggy, especially when viewing the particle system's statistics page that redraws every frame by default. However, here are a few guidelines to boost editor performance:

  • Lower update frequency in the Magical Box window's toolbar by setting a value >0. A value of 1 will update the statistics window once a second only
  • enable Autofolding for parameters
  • on reaaaally slow machines you may want to temporarely close the editor window and use the inspector instead.

The editor scene changes every time I play a ParticleSystem

This is due the particle mesh is updating constantly when using a “non-exclusive” material or the texture atlas is built on the fly. To prevent this behaviour, create a dedicated material for your particle system and check “Persistent Atlas”.

After importing the package, Icons are missing

Please ensure that you imported the package into your Assets root folder. The whole package should be in Assets/Magical Box! (except Gizmos, they must be in Assets/Gizmos)

Last modified: 2015/08/18 20:43 by Jake